Winter storage of your caravan

Winter is notoriously unforgiving when it comes to caravans.

However, there are some things you can do which might not only reduce the chances of your caravan suffering damage during the winter months but which also might result in you saving some money on your caravan insurance.

Shutting your caravan down

Your caravan very probably has some special advice and guidance outlined in its owner’s manual relating to wintertime. If it doesn’t or if you have long since misplaced the manual, you should be able to find appropriate instructions via internet searches.

The advice contained within these publications is usually excellent and worth reading carefully. Of course, such advice is likely to vary considerably depending upon the model of caravan you own.

It will usually contain lists of things that should be disconnected and advice about protecting your caravan from the worst that snow, ice, rain and winds can throw at it.  It’s also likely to advise that external vents should be blocked (whilst maintaining some ventilation) to prevent pest infestation etc.

Whatever specifics the guide contains, make sure you implement them!  It’s also important to resist the temptation to simply do nothing in the hope that your caravan somehow survives unscathed.

Most shutdown procedures don’t take very long to implement but they can make a very significant difference to the condition you’ll find your vehicle in when you come to open it up again ready for next season’s trips.

Think about locations

Remember that wintertime can be a source of squabbles with neighbours over caravan siting. That’s because the psychological impact of any light or view blocking your caravan might cause will be magnified by the gloom of winter.

Keep in mind too that parking your caravan on the street over the wintertime might be an issue in several respects:

  • some caravan insurance policies might explicitly forbid the longer-term parking of your caravan on the public road;
  • your local authority may have restrictions against doing so;
  • the police may be concerned if your caravan is either in contravention of local bylaws or if they believe it constitutes a visual obstruction that might affect safety;
  • thieves and vandals will typically always prefer caravans that are easily accessible on the public road rather than those that are securely stored elsewhere.

Specialised winter storage sites

There are specialised caravan storage sites which are specifically designed to ensure the safety and security of your touring caravan during winter.

A big advantage of using this type of site is not only the peace of mind that comes with it but also the fact that some caravan insurance providers may offer discounts to those taking extra care of their caravan in such a fashion.

Do take note though that these discounts are typically only available if you are using a professional and recognised winter storage site.  Simply putting your touring caravan in a friend’s shed at the back of their house, probably wouldn’t qualify!


As a final tip, whatever arrangements you make for winter storage, it’s imperative that you periodically inspect your caravan both inside and out.  That will give you the chance to spot if anything has gone wrong and hopefully, to correct it before it becomes a serious problem.

This is something that again might be specified as a requirement in your caravan insurance policy.