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One of the driving forces behind me doing this blog is the opportunity to hear from you, the readers. I find out so much about both you and the topics featured on this site simply by the dialogue opened up following your contact. Write to me about anything on this site using the below form.

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I am open to any kind of messages. I like to know about improvements or things that will make the website more user friendly or streamlined. Maybe you just want to give me an opinion on one of the articles published. Perhaps you would like to pick my brains on the wide world of insurance, sales and finance.

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Of course I would ideally like to know the opinions of everyone who reads this site but alas that isn’t possible. If you do have anything to share please just drop me a message in the contact box below. Whether you loved what I have published or hated it, let me know why, what I can improve or merely a different angle to approach things.

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A lot of people write to me asking to focus on particular subjects, these are amongst my favourite as it gives me the challenge of a idea I may not have considered before. Do you want to see something written on an interest particular to you? Maybe there is an aspect of the insurance sales world you love and want to see how others feel about it? Possibly, you have a great discussion point that you would like to see expanded on the site and debated in the comments. All suggestions are welcome, from cake recipes to the deep theory of the stock markets.

Do You See a Potential Business Prospect?

I started this blog as a place to archive, expand and elaborate my interests but over time, as it has increased in traffic, I have been blessed with the opportunity to get a little more than just academia back. Monetizing the site has brought in a little money to help keep it running whilst staying tastefully small and discreet towards the viewing enjoyment that I believe the site provides.

If you feel that the large and varied audience of this site would be interested in your business or blog then let me know. I am always looking to branch out and make new friends in enterprise and I would love to host an advert here on the site. Let me know in the contact box below and i’ll be in touch!