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By creating, I originally intended on making this a small place where like-minded individuals, hungry for good quality content, could access this website at their leisure, hopefully taking something of value from it to apply to their own situation.

What I didn’t foresee, at the very beginning of this websites incorporation, was these like-minded visitors hitting the 13,400-unique monthly mark!

As soon as I realised that visitors to this website were also on the lookout for trusted and recommended businesses, and their services and products, I knew there was a huge potential for all relevant companies to purchase advertising space on

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Website Advertising Brings a New Audience

With an abundance of years working in the insurance industry, and subsequently working online through my home working business, I am hugely aware of the number of people who are turning more and more to the internet in a bid to purchase their financial products.

With online shopping the most popular way to shop now, it is little wonder that those companies who aren’t visible online are missing out on thousands upon thousands of potential customers.

If your business has yet to experience the many benefits of advertising online, whilst reaping its most profitable rewards, I thoroughly recommend and actively encourage this is a viable means of getting your business name known.

By promoting your business on this very website, you have the exciting profitable potential to reach a huge audience who are just looking for the next best product or service that can help with their own circumstances.

A Cost-Effective Advertising Solution with

For those who have never advertised online with a progressive website, and have instead chosen to go the advertising agency route, it may come as a huge surprise to find out that purchasing an advertising package through this website, costs a tiny proportion of what an agency will charge!

With no need for complicated market research and analysis, when you advertise on you get instant access to an audience who would benefit greatly from your services or products. This audience will also recommend your company name to other family members, alongside friends and colleagues, thus gaining you greater publicity in the process!

If you have a product or service which you know would fit the profile of the 13,400 unique visitors that this website attracts each month, then please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss an effective advertising plan to take advantage of this heavy traffic website.

Familiarise Yourself with The Current Adverts on This Website

Look around and familiarise yourself with the current content, and range of advertisements currently displayed, to see if your business would be an ideal fit for this type of website. If you can visualise your business name displayed on, I can turn this visualisation into a reality and offer you a potential 13,400 clicks in return!