About Donald

I have always wanted the freedom that comes with self employment. Ever since I’ve joined the insurance business my dreams have consisted of travel, flexibility and self driven success. After a number of years of hard work I was able to pursue my dream and become the self employed insurance sales agent I am today.

Based in Chicago, USA I spend my time pursuing what I love: finding new clients for insurance agencies, meeting new people, and the excitement of visiting new places.

I consider myself a wonderful judge of character, the experience I have gained throughout life has perfectly equipped me to always be right on the mark when helping a client choose the precise policy and plan to suit them.

Why Keep a Blog?

To me this blog is more than just a marketing tool, it is an outlet for my interests and curiosities. I love being able to share the new and interesting articles that both myself and the many guest writers have researched. Writing articles for this blog is not only enjoyable, it also allows me to expand my knowledge about this profession.

Archived within this site are many subjects I find very helpful in my profession – from up to date and essential business news to the intricate ins and outs of investment and of course my forte: Insurance. I have collected them together over a number of years not just for my reference and study but also for my clients, to help them better understand the company I am running and the true nature of insurance sales.

The Posts I Have Focussed On

I like to fill the pages of this blog with the subjects that interest both myself and the peers I am surrounded by. I consider myself to be someone who is highly knowledgeable not only on subjects that are directly to do with insurance sales, but also the passions of others. A good conversation is always two sided after all.

The entries on this blog help me keep on top of the ever changing world of finance and insurance. I find the guest entries bring me the perspective of someone other than myself which in turn expands my knowledge of a vast number of topics. My own posts give me the opportunity to research something in a way I may not usually attempt. I delve deeper into subjects and the introspection allows me to better understand how I can help my clients get exactly the insurance they need.

When This All Started

I have always pursued the collection of knowledge and information. To be well read is something I believe is quintessential to the business, so in a way I guess you could say this started many years ago.

The blog is mainly just an easy way to keep all my findings and interests collected together in one place whilst having the wonderful guest writers supply me with a deeper understanding on a multitude of subjects.

What I Want For The Blog

I want this blog to serve as a hub for like minded people to read, understand and even contribute their own opinions on a topic I have had a passion for all my life.

I am excited to see the discussions that transpire from the posts, the insight and opinions that will come from each of the readers. If my readers and I are able to broaden our client bases, skills and understanding in giving the right plans to the right people as a result of this blog then I will consider it a success.