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6 Possible Reasons Why You May be Unemployed

If you’re an adult out-of-work, you may be frustrated in your job search. However, the good news about the workplace today is better than it was just a few years ago and unemployment rates are down across the board. If you’re one of the many people who are wondering why they are still unemployed, here are a few possible reasons why.

1. Poor Interview Style

If you make it to the interview stage but no further, then you may be interviewing poorly. From presenting yourself professionally for the interview, to answering in a calm and professional manner, there are any number of reasons why your interviews go poorly. Working on your interviewing skills can be important for getting a job.

2. You’re Not Qualified

Although you don’t have to meet 100% of the job description in most cases, you should only apply for jobs that would reasonably hire you. For example, if the job requires a master’s degree and you only have a bachelor’s, don’t waste your time by applying for the position. It’s not an error to apply for a “reach” position but make sure that you apply mostly for jobs where you’re qualified.

3. Your Social Media Profile

Unfortunately, you can be an excellent candidate, but your social media presence may be scaring employers away. Before hiring, employers will be looking at your social media profiles. Keep them private if you can. However, if you have a social media profile, remove any inappropriate photos and statements from your social media profile. This can be challenging, but even a few social media missteps can make a big difference.

4. You Didn’t Follow Posting Directions

When you’re applying for a job, make sure that you read through the job application directions before applying. For example, a Chrysler job application will have specific directions that must be followed for your application to be considered. If you don’t follow these directions, you should expect for your application to not be considered.

5. You Smoke

If you’re a smoker, you should be aware that this jeopardizes your chances of getting a job. Many fields don’t want to hire a smoker. Even if you don’t say that you’re a smoker, most potential employers will notice. Smoke often stays on your clothing and employers know that smokers get sick more often and find it distasteful in general. If you do smoke, you’ll want to quit immediately for a better chance of being hired.

6. You’re Overqualified

Just like applying for a job where you’re underqualified, don’t waste your time by applying for a position where you’re overqualified. An entry level job likely won’t want someone with 10+ years of experience. Employers think that an overqualified candidate will leave quickly and won’t want to waste their time. They also don’t want to deal with constant salary negotiations as well.

These six reasons are just a few primary barriers to your finding a job. Although the job market has been getting stronger lately, finding a job may still be a challenge. Make sure that you avoid these common mistakes if you want to increase your chances of landing a position.